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Sunglasses Sale

Sunglasses provide great comfort in their ability to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and its ultraviolet light rays. Enjoying time outside on a nice day in any season is made better by the addition of a good pair of sunglasses.

Here at Optyk Rozmus our polarised and UV protected sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles, designs, colours and features. There’s something for everyone!

Solano SS20462A | Sunglasses
€43.00 €54.00
Solano SS20464C | Sunglasses
€41.00 €52.00
Solano SS20465B | Sunglasses
€42.00 €53.00
Solano SS20472D | Sunglasses
€45.00 €57.00
Solano SS20491B | Sunglasses
€45.00 €57.00
Solano SS20503C | Sunglasses
€42.00 €53.00
Solano SS20519C | Sunglasses
€45.00 €57.00
Solano SS20521B | Sunglasses
€47.00 €59.00
Solano SS20521C | Sunglasses
€47.00 €59.00
Solano SS20522A | Sunglasses
€47.00 €59.00
Solano SS20527C | Sunglasses
€45.00 €57.00
Solano SS90131D | Sunglasses
€81.00 €103.00
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