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Glamour Contact Lenses: English in GBP
Glamorous Contact Lenses: English in USD
Soczewki Glamour: Po polsku w PLN
Glamour Contact Lenses: English in EUR

Glamour Contact Lenses

This is the very essence of fashion and beauty coloured contact lenses. Glamour contact lenses are hugely popular amongst fashionable women who like to look glamorous and sexy on different occasions or every day. They provide a natural and very intriguing change, very often they feature sparkling particles or eye enlarging ring. They come in corrective powers so can be used every day.

Black Clover (N539) Contact Lenses
€11.55 €28.99
Black Diamond (N519) Contact Lenses
€11.55 €28.99
Black Flames (N529) Contact Lenses
€11.55 €28.99
Blizzard Contact Lenses
€18.99 €28.99
Blue Flames (N521) Contact Lenses
€11.55 €28.99
Brown Clover (N534) Contact Lenses
€11.55 €28.99
Elegance Aqua Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Elegance Blue Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Elegance Brown Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Elegance Green Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Elegance Grey Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Elegance Grey - EXPIRY 2020
€7.29 €19.55
Elegance Pink Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Eyelush Aqua Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Eyelush Blue Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
Eyelush Brown Contact Lenses
€14.59 €19.55
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