Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

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Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

Reasons to buy Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

Back to biology! Biotrue ONEday contact lenses from Bausch+Lomb present an innovation in daily disposable contact lens maret. They are made of a brand new patented material - hypergel - which is characterized by biology imitating properties. Its outer layers is built out of lipids mimicking the natural human tear film and their water content is 78%, which is exactly the same as of the human cornea. Thanks to these features, Biotrue ONEday contacts provide you with extra comfort, crisp vision and a healthy look of your eyes for the whole day of use.


  • 30 contact lenses per box
  • Daily disposable contacts
  • BC/DIA: 8.6/14.2
  • Available in powers from +6.0 to -6.50 in 0.25 steps and from -7.0 to -9.0 in 0.5 steps
  • Made of a brand new material - hypergel
  • Bioinspired lenses - they mimic the natural tear film of the eye
  • The same water content as human cornea - 78%
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