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Colour Contact Lenses

Cheerful Carbon Grey | Coloured Contact Lenses
Subtle and natural light grey pattern, perfect for brightening up dark eyes and for wearing with all kinds of makeup.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Cloudy Blue | Coloured Contact Lenses
Realistic eye brightening effect thanks to light-coloured iris organised into a natural pattern.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Creamy White | Coloured Contact Lenses
Great solution for those wanting light eyes. Subtle eye enlargement combined with a light colour provides an amazing effect.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Crystal Blue | Coloured Contact Lenses
Delicate eye enlargement and a dramatic eye colour change. With these your eyes will gain a lovely blue colour even if they are naturally dark.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Foamy Beige | Coloured Contact Lenses
Light-brown shade with simple and natural design, perfect for daily wear.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Fresh Green | Coloured Contact Lenses
Bright green tint organised in a realistic iris pattern with a subtle eye enlargement effect.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Marble Grey | Coloured Contact Lenses
Cool marble grey iris with a subtle big eye effect. Available with prescrption.
€16.99 €24.99
Cheerful Woody Brown | Coloured Contact Lenses
Light brown natural pattern in a slightly enlarged diameter for big eye effect.
€16.99 €24.99
Dexus | Coloured Contact Lenses
Pretty turquoise contact lenses great not only as a costume element but also for daily use. ColourVue Crazy The Dexus feature a lovely aqua colour as well as some blue shading in the middle and a black outer edge.
€18.99 €28.99
Elegance Aqua | Coloured Contact Lenses
Give your eyes a beautiful and elegant look with ColourVue Elegance Aqua contacts. They are available in broad range of powers and can be worn for 3 months.
€12.91 €19.55
Elegance Blue | Coloured Contact Lenses
Beautiful blue contact lenses designed to make you look elegant every day. Order now ColourVue Elegance Blue contact lenses from Optyk Rozmus!
€12.91 €19.55
Elegance Brown | Coloured Contact Lenses
Something ideal for dark eyes - ColourVue Elegance Brown contacts will define your iris in a brand new way! Order now from Optyk Rozmus!
€12.91 €19.55
Elegance Green | Coloured Contact Lenses
ColourVue Elegance Green contact lenses are available in a range of corrective powers to help you see the world and look lovely!
€12.91 €19.55
Elegance Grey | Coloured Contact Lenses
These pretty grey contact lenses are suitable for all occasions and will go well with all kinds of make up.
€12.91 €19.55
Elegance Pink | Coloured Contact Lenses
Try now ColourVue Elegance Pink contact lenses for an extraordinary pink colour and great comfort as well ad eye vision correction.
€12.91 €19.55
Eyelush Aqua | Coloured Contact Lenses
With these contact lenses your eyes will look sexy and sparkly. If you're looking for a romantic, lustrous effect, you have to try ColourVue Eyelush Aqua contact lenses. Two 3-monthly disposable contact lenses.
€12.91 €19.55
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