Contact lens types

As contact lens markets expand, they now provide a broad range of products to accurately suit people leading different lifestyles. Active, sporty people are offered daily disposable contact lenses, which are convenient and easy to use. People leading demanding lifestyles or working night shifts benefit from continuous wear contact lenses, which can be worn non-stop for extended periods of time. Other contact lens wearers can choose from 2-weekly, monthly disposable contact lenses and a whole variety of coloured and crazy contacts.

Practically all types of corrective contact lenses are available in different replacement schedules. These include toric contacts for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses correcting presbyopia and of course regular contacts for myopia and hyperopia. Most of these corrective lenses are also available in colours, all of which will make your eyes look amazing.

Optyk Rozmus offers all types of contact lenses including daily disposable, 2-weekly and monthly disposable as well as toric, multifocal and beautiful coloured contact lenses. In our offer you will also find a wide range of novelty contact lenses for special occasions such as Halloween or parties. Visit our online shop now!


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