Contact Lens Themes

If you’re looking for movie themed contact lenses, want to dress up as a vampire or want to go out for a crazy party, now you can easily find contacts that will perfectly suit your occasion. We organized our coloured contact lenses into themes to make your search easy and pleasurable.

Halloween is the occasion for the most freaky dress ups. Because of that you might be specifically looking for zombie, vampire or demon contact lenses. That's why we decided to create such categories of contact lenses - you will now easily find all you need for Halloween.

If you are an actor or an actress in a theatre, sometimes you need to wear contact lenses that will be easily visible for the audience. You will find such lenses in our theatrical contacts category. And if you want to look totally freaky, try our selection of special effects contact lenses. Some of them will cover your eyes completely or make them shine in the UV light!


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