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Yellow Contact Lenses

These contact lenses are mostly contacts from the crazy contact lenses category - Cat's Eye, Yellow Leopard, etc. However Optyk Rozmus also offers ntural colour yellow contact lenses - like honey or golden contacts that can be worn on a daily basis as a fashion accessory. Try now a pair of our yellow contacts - all of them will suit your needs. Wear crazy yellow contacts such as ColourVue Crazy Cat's Eye or Glow Yellow for wild costume parties and you will win any costume competition!

Image by kettuprinssi

Neo Cosmo - 2 Tone Honey Contact Lenses (N228)
If you've got dark iris but your dream is to have honey-golden eyes, Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Honey N228 contact lenses are a perfect choice. Order a pair now and enjoy great vision along with beautiful look.
€16.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Yellow Contact Lenses
Queens Solitaire Yellow contact lenses are perfect for all contact lens users - they are available not only in minus powers but also in pluses for correcting farsightedness. Order them now!
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Trilogy Yellow Toric Contact Lenses
High end vision correction for both myopic and hyperopic contact lens wearers as well as people with astigmatism. Order a pair of Soleko Queens Trilogy Yellow Toric contacts to change your appearance and correct your vision!
€50.45 €55.99
ColourVue Glamour Honey Contact Lenses
Like sweet honey? Try ColourVue Glamour Honey contacts and enjoy new, gold eye colour and eye enlargement. A pack contains two 3-monthly disposable prescription lenses.
€16.99 €24.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Star and Jewel Gold Contact Lenses
Let your eyes shine with beautiful golden colour thanks to Star and Jewel Gold lenses from ColourVue. Perfect for big nights out and romantic dates. Two 90-days disposable contact lenses.
€21.99 €31.99
ColourVue Bio Hazard Contact Lenses
If you are fighting with an army of zombies, a pair of ColourVue Bio Hazard contact lenses will suit you perfectly! Wear them and get ready for a battle!
€21.99 €28.99
ColourVue Darth Maul Coloured Contact Lenses
Turn into Dark Lord of the Sith with these spooky ColourVue Darth Maul crazy contact lenses. They are exactly the same as the ones used on Star Wars set. Yearly contacts.
€21.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Flame Hot Contact Lenses
Kill with your eyesight thanks to ColourVue Crazy Flame Hot contacts featuring burning flames of fire! These freaky lenses will look awesome in dragon's or wizard's costume, so order a pair now!
€18.99 €28.99
ColourVue Luminor Contact Lenses
Black and orange crazy contact lenses ideal for Halloween and other special events. Buy a pair of ColourVue Crazy Luminor contacts and turn into a wild animal in no time. They last for up to a year, so you can use them many times.
€18.99 €28.99
ColourVue Orange Werewolf Contact Lenses
Fantastic costume contact lenses perfect for Halloween and other occasions. Order now a pair of ColourVue Crazy Orange Werewolf lenses and give your eyes a wild look!
€18.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Wild Fire Coloured Contact Lenses
These crazy firey contact lenses will add deadly flames to your gaze. Burn people with your stare thanks to ColourVue Wild Fire contact lenses.
€21.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Yellow Leopard Coloured Contact Lenses
These crazy ColourVue Yellow Leopard contact lenses are CE approved and manufactured to ISO 9001 standard. Package includes one pair of yearly contact lenses.
€21.99 €28.99
ColourVue Cat Eyes Contact Lenses
To look like a cat, check out these crazy ColourVue Crazy Cat Eyes Contact Lenses! Yellow contact lenses with vertical pupil. They are availble in prescription.
€21.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Dragon Eye Colour Contact Lenses
If you're a fantasy fan, try now great ColourVue Dragon Eye Contact Lenses. One pair of three monthly contact lenses.
€21.99 €28.99
4.0 out of 5
ColourVue Saurons Eye Coloured Contact Lenses
If you are Lord of the Rings fan, you have to check out these crazy ColourVue Saurons Eye Contact Lenses! Become Sauron with these amazing costume contacts.
€21.99 €28.99
4.0 out of 5
ColourVue Glow Orange Contact Lenses
With these freaky orange lenses you cannot go unnoticed in any night club - they shine and glow under UV light! Wear them with your regular outfit and surprize your friends at the disco!
€21.99 €27.99
4.0 out of 5