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Blue Contact Lenses

Blue eyes are considered very sexy and attractive however not many people are lucky to have bright, deeply blue eyes. That's what blue contact lenses are for! Optyk Rozmus offers a wide range of blue coloured contact lenses that will make your gaze deep and mesmerizing. We stock beauty and fashion blue contacts as well as crazy contact lenses in that colour. Order a pair today!

Image by ladystardust

1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Sparkle | Blue Contact Lenses
If you're looking for a subtle and natural eye colour change, 1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Sparkle contact lenses are just for you. They will not cover your natural eye colour, they will only enhance it.
€25.99 €39.99
2 Tone Aqua (N226) | Blue Contact Lenses
You won't feel these contacts in your eyes - they are so comfortable! They provide both eye colour change and vision correction. A pack of 2 lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
4.0 out of 5
2 Tone Blue (N221) | Blue Contact Lenses
Buy now Neo Cosmo N221 Blue contacts! They are very comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis even by people who need eye vision correction as they are available in powers.
€16.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
3 Tone Aqua (N326) | Blue Contact Lenses
Try now Neo Cosmo Aqua N326 contact lenses! They are available in corrective powers and very comfortable - they can be used every day! They come in a pack of two 3-monthly lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
3 Tone Blue | Blue Contact Lenses
Wear ColourVue 3 Tone Blue contact lenses and amaze your friends now! The perfect colour blending technology assures that lenses look natural and sexy - everybody will notice that something is different about you but they will wonder what it is.
€16.99 €23.99
3 Tone Blue (N321) | Blue Contact Lenses
Neo Cosmo 3 Tone Blue Contact Lenses feature a pretty blue colour and a great vision correction - they come in corrective powers. These lenses are 3-monthly disposable contact lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
ADRIA 38 Color Blue | Blue Contact Lenses
Order now! Adria 38 Color Blue contact lenses are ideal for you if you've got light eyes and want to give them a beautiful and natural looking blue colour. Available in powers.
€17.99 €24.99
Air Optix Colors Blue | Blue Contact Lenses
Fantastic combination of gorgeous blue colour and great comfort and freshness provided by the Aqua technology. Buy Air Optix Colors Blue now and see for yourself!
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Brilliant Blue | Blue Contact Lenses
Air Optix Colors Brilliant Blue will provide you with a noticeable eye colour change that goes along with great vision correction and comfort.
€23.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
Aqua (N236) | Blue Contact Lenses
Aqua contact lenses give you a beautiful eye colour that reminds of an exotic island and sea surrounding it. Try them now! A pack contains two 3-monthly disposable contact lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
4.5 out of 5
Athena Blue 22mm Sclera | Blue Contact Lenses
With Athena Blue scleral lenses you will rule all the costume parties! They provide a freaky and confusing effect thanks to their large diameter and great colour. A pack contains two 6-monthly lenses.
€82.99 €119.99
5.0 out of 5
BigEyes Cool Blue | Blue Contact Lenses
Enlarge your iris and give it a deep blue colour with ColourVue Big Eyes Cool Blue contacts! They are yearly cosmetic contact lenses available in prescription.
€16.99 €24.99
5.0 out of 5
Blizzard | Blue Contact Lenses
These lovely blue contacts are called crazy but you can wear them on a daily basis as they feature a beautiful blue colour that will go well with virtually anything. Order them now!
€18.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
Blue (N231) | Blue Contact Lenses
Neo Cosmo N231 Blue contact lenses provide you with beautiful looks and a great vision. They are available in powers and very comfortable - completely not like costmetic contacts! A pack of 3-monthly lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
5.0 out of 5
Blue Colour Ring (N021) | Blue Contact Lenses
Neo Cosmo Blue Colour Ring (N021) contact lenses are a great eye colour change and a vision correction tool! A pack consists of two 3-monthly lenses.
€16.99 €28.99
Blue Flames (N521) | Blue Contact Lenses
Neo Cosmo Dali Circle Blue Flames (N521) contact lenses are an amazing solution for those, who like to shine and attract attention! Their vivid blue colour and flame pattern give an amazing effect. Try them now! A pack of two lenses.
€16.99 €28.99