ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

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ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

Reasons to buy ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

With special mesh design ColourVue Black Screen contact lenses provide an unusual effect of whole black eyes still allowing you to see through them. It's a bit like looking through a fine curtain, so we wouldn't recommend driving with them, bu we definately recommend wearing them on Halloween and costume parties. You will look fantastic with these crazy black lenses!

Key features :

  • 2 lenses per box
  • 8.6 BC, 14mm Diameter
  • ONE year permanent lenses in vial
  • Patented hydrogel material
  • High Oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • European CE approved, ISO 9001
  • 3-layer colouring
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