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Soleko Contact Lenses

Soleko is one of the biggest and most well-known Italian contact lens manufacturers, operating since 1975. They make not only soft contact lenses but also various optometry equipment as well as specialized intraocular lenses.

Soleko is mostly popular for their gorgeous coloured contact lenses which appear in various options: basic Solitaire with single layer of colour, two-tone Twins with two shades of dye and three-tone Trilogy with three layers of tint. The basic line of Solitaire contacts is also available in toric version for people with astigmatism, which is something absolutely unique.

Soleko Queens Oros Ash Glance Contact Lenses
Glamorous light grey contact lenses ideal for light and dark eyed people who value style, class and fashion in their everyday life. Available with a lens case.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Cold Mint Contact Lenses
Make yourself feel special thanks to lovely Queens Oros Cold Mint contact lenses from Soleko. Their lovely colour, comfort and a stylish box and case will do the trick.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Honey Gold Contact Lenses
Brown-gold contacts great for dark and light eyes. Queens Oros Honey Gold contact lenses from Soleko provide classy look and vision correction. Order now!
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Mystery Violet Contact Lenses
If you want to try something different and feel special, order a pair of Queens Oros Mystery Violet contact lenses. They are available in corrective powers and come with a lens case.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Noble Blue Contact Lenses
Get a pair of Queens Oros Noble Blue contact lenses and you'll receive not only a pair of magnificent contacts representing the best quality but also a lovely lens case.
€25.99 €43.99
2.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Oros Siberian Blue Contact Lenses
With these light blue contact lenses your gaze will be as cold as ice, hence the name Queens Oros Siberian Blue. Order them now and you'll also receive a lovely lens case.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Sweet Brown Contact Lenses
Order now! A pair of gorgeous brown contact lenses for everyday use. Queens Oros Sweet Brown come in a wide range of prescriptions and have a lens case included.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Oros Warm Green Contact Lenses
Try now a pair of vividly green contacts and feel like it's spring outside. Queens Oros Warm Green come in powers ranging from +4.0 to -8.0.
€25.99 €43.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Aqua Contact Lenses
Try now these amazing cosmetic contact lenses in the colour of the sea - they not only will enhance your looks but will also correct your vision and feel incredibly comfortable.
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Jade Contact Lenses
IF you've got light eyes and want to make them look lovely, order a pair of Queens Solitaire Jade contact lenses! These beautiful green contacts come in a range of powers and in a classy box.
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Light Blue Contact Lenses
Beautiful blue contact lenses from Soleko designed especially for people with light eyes, who value stylish and subtle eye colour enhancement. Order them now!
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Light Green Contact Lenses
Amazing light green contact lenses from Soleko will make you look stunning and natural. They are available in a very broad range of powers, including pluses!
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Pearl Contact Lenses
If you need vision correction and want to give your eyes an amazing pearl colour, Soleko's Queens Solitaire Pearl are something ideal for you. Order now from Optyk Rozmus!
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Spice Contact Lenses
Try out Queens Solitaire Spice contacts for fabulous comfort, outstanding quality, perfect vision correction and beautiful looks! Order now at Optyk Rozmus!
€32.99 €45.99
2.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Violet Contact Lenses
These amazing coloured contact lenses come in powers ranging from -20 to +20, which means that they can be used by almost all contact lens wearers needing vision correction. Order them now!
€32.99 €45.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Yellow Contact Lenses
Queens Solitaire Yellow contact lenses are perfect for all contact lens users - they are available not only in minus powers but also in pluses for correcting farsightedness. Order them now!
€32.99 €45.99