Avaira Contact Lenses - 3 lenses

3 lenses

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Avaira Contact Lenses - 3 lenses

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NOTE: This product was discontinued by the manufacturer. Shop for other CooperVision contact lenses here.

Two-weekly disposable contact lenses are a compromise between extra convenient and incredibly fresh daily disposable contacts and cheaper monthly contact lenses. Avaira contacts last for two weeks of use and during that period they remain fresh and clean and very comfortable thanks to new generation silicone-hydrogel material and patented Aquaform technology which keeps them properly hydrated and fresh. If all that wasn't enough, Avaira contact lenses also feature an advanced UV filter which protects your eyes from harmful sunlight influence.

Please note, that plus powers are only available in 8.4 BC and minus powers are only available in 8.5 BC.


  • Two weekly contact lenses
  • 3 lenses per box
  • BC/DIA 8.4/14.2 for plus powers and 8.5/14.2 for minus powers
  • Available in powers from -6.0 to +6.0 in 0.25 steps and from +6.50 to +8.00 and -6.50 to -12.00 in 0.5 steps
  • Silicone hydrogel enfilcon A material
  • High oxygen permeability
  • Water content 46%
  • Patented Aquaform technology
  • UV filter
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