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ColourVue Contact Lenses

Fall in love with these beautiful lenses from MaxVue

3 Tone Blue
€16.99 €23.99
3 Tone Brown
€16.99 €23.99
3 Tone Green
€16.99 €23.99
3 Tone Grey
€16.99 €23.99
3 Tone Violet
€16.99 €23.99
€21.99 €28.99
Anaconda - EXPIRY 2020
€10.99 €28.99
Angel Dust 22mm Sclera
€82.99 €119.99
Apocalypse 22mm Sclera
€82.99 €119.99
Athena Blue 22mm Sclera
€82.99 €119.99
€21.99 €28.99
Avatar - EXPIRY 2020
€10.99 €28.99
Barbie Pink
€18.99 €28.99
BigEyes Awesome Black
€16.99 €24.99
BigEyes Cool Blue
€16.99 €24.99

Are ColourVue contacts right for me?

What effects can you create with ColourVue Contact Lenses?ColourVue contact lenses are gaining more and more popularity around the world thanks to the fact that they are very pretty and original and also incredibly comfortable. ColourVue contacts include several lines of cosmetic contact lenses available in corrective powers. These lines are: Big Eyes, Eyelush, 3 Tone, Glamour and Star and Jewel. Big Eyes contact lenses are very popular among women as well as men, who want to make their eyes look bigger and more distinct.

ColourVue also offers novelty contact lenses meant for costume parties and special events. Apart from regular crazy contact lenses available in many many models, they also offer contact lenses from the Glow line, which shine in UV light and Sclera contacts. The latter are large diameter (22mm) professional costume contact lenses that cover your whole eye. Try now a pair of these amazing contacts and you can be sure that you will not go unnoticed!

Customer Reviews for our ColourVue Contact Lenses

Number of reviews: 401
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5