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Air Optix contact lenses

Breathability is the most important feature of modern contact lenses, that makes them comfortable and pleasant to wear. Air Optix contact lenses are characterized by an extremely breathable material, which makes them a leader in continuous wear contact lenses. Air Optix Night and Day Aqua have such a high oxygen permeability, that it is possible to sleep with them inserted. Because of this, they are highly recommended for people who work night shifts or run irregular lifestyle. Air Optix contact lenses are not only very breathable but also moist, which contributes to even bigger comfort they provide. Our offer of Air Optix contacts includes continuous wear Air Optix Night and Day contacts, great Air Optix Aqua as well as toric and multifocal versions of these Alcon contact lenses. Choose something for yourself now!

Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses
€19.99 €20.71
Air Optix Aqua - 6 lenses
€32.99 €40.58
Air Optix Aqua Multifocal - 6 lenses
€60.99 €67.17
Air Optix Colors Blue Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Brilliant Blue Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Brown Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Gemstone Green Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Gray Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Green Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Honey Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Pure Hazel Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix Colors Sterling Gray Contact Lenses
€23.99 €28.99
Air Optix for Astigmatism Contact Lenses
€25.99 €33.58
Air Optix for Astigmatism - 6 lenses
€47.99 €58.77
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Air Optix Contact Lenses

Human eyes absolutely need oxygen in the same way the rest of the body does. Traditional contact lenses were very unhealthy in this matter – they let very little air reach the cornea, which in turn led to eye swelling, irritation or even more dramatic effects, especially after an extended period of lens usage. A big step in  the evolution of contact lenses was taken along with the invention of silicone hydrogel lenses in 1999.

Air Optix A breath of fresh air for your eyes

This innovation increased the breathability of the contact lens by up to five times, but the silicone made the lens more hydrophobic – resistant to water. The producer of AIR OPTIX contact lenses handled this problem by implementing a unique surface treatment technology and incorporating innovatively designed materials, which made the lenses very comfortable. Users do not need to worry about eye dryness that has been traditionally associated with lens usage, as Air Optix contacts keep eyes constantly hydrated and comfortable. Furthermore, comfort does not diminish during the day as the lenses are deposit-resistant and stay clean and crisp for long hours. As a result, the clarity of vision is maintained at the same, extraordinary level, even when the lenses are being continuously used. 

Air Optix contact lenses are produced in several versions

  • AIR OPTIX AQUA are highly breathable contacts, recommended especially for active people who need to use contact lenses for extended periods of time and whose eyes are sensitive and prone to irritation and drying.
  • AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM contact lenses provide users suffering from astigmatism with the same comfort as experienced by regular lens users. They can be comfortably used by almost all astigmatic patients. 
  • AIR OPTIX AQUA MULTIFOCAL contact lenses offer a smooth transition between distances and provide the wearers with extremely clear vision even if they would normally have to use two different pairs of glasses for reading and far distances. These lenses are dedicated especially to people over 40 years of age.
  • AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA contact lenses have the highest  gas permeability rates among contact lenses available on the market today. This represents a significant improvement especially as far as constant lens usage is concerned. Air Optix Night & Day Aqua are designed for overnight and constant (up to 30 days) use. They are especially dedicated to people leading an active, sporty and irregular lifestyle. They offer high levels of comfort connected with not having to worry about falling asleep with lenses in. For many people this type of contact lenses are a great alternative for LASIK surgery as they offer similar comfort without the necessity of undergoing surgery and the risks involved.
  • AIR OPTIX COLORS - at last they are available in a stunning new range of colours

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