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Charities We Support

Optyk Rozmus is an active member of it’s local community. We do our best to support local social enterprises and charities – we encourage all of our customers to take part in this noble activity and help support them with us. Organizations we support include the following:

A House of Limping Angels

House of Limping Angels An amazing group of big-hearted people bringing help and vital day care to those in the biggest need – mentally and physically handicapped children. Currently they are in the process of building a new, modern facility.

The aim of  the House of Limping Angels is to equalize opportunities for people with mental impairment, create conditions where their human rights are respected, help them get actively involved in a social life and provide support for their families.  

Help provided by this organization involves multiple forms of support - from psychological and therapeutic counselling for the children to legal support and benefit guidance for their families.

When the new facility is ready, it's also going to provide 24/7 care for the children (currently only day care is available) as well as their parents and other members of the family. House of Limping Angel also greatly contributes to popularizing information and knowledge regarding physical and mental impairment. This in turn helps increase public awareness and reduce the stigma associated with disability.


LUKAM2010LUKAM2010 Football School was established in 2010 by former professional Polish football player, Ireneusz Koscielniak, who believes that there are just as many football talents in Poland as anywhere else in the world and the only thing that’s missing is a good infrastructure to help find them and provide a means to develop and promote them. The school recruits children from 6 to 10 years old, allowing them an early and intensive start in their football careers. LUKAM2010’s motto is ‘Equal success and dream fulfilment opportunities for every player’.

Thanks to support from sponsors, like Optyk Rozmus, the school can afford to buy new gear, uniforms, etc.  Help support it with us!