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About Us who are Optyk Rozmus?

Optyk Rozmus begun it’s history in 2006 as an optician based in Pszczyna, Poland. From that point we expanded rapidly. We built and opened an ophthalmologist clinic in Pszczyna, invested in innovations and new eye care technologies and became one of the fastest growing opticians in Poland. Along with achieving these goals we try to stay socially aware and provide a positive force within the communities in which we operate. Apart from the charities that we support with donations we also run a rolling program of free eye testing to school children at their schools as well as running annual national free eye testing days.

As leaders in the optometry and contact lens market, Optyk Rozmus is at your service, providing you with the best contact lenses from the finest manufacturers in the world. We have a wide range of corrective contact lenses designed to help people with presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Apart from that, we offer colored contact lenses – both in zero power and corrective powers. Some of them are really crazy looking! 

To satisfy the needs of all contact lens wearers, we offer contact lenses with different replacement schedules: daily, weekly and monthly disposable as well as continuous wear types. Some of the colored contacts are yearly disposables.

There are many different sources from which contact lenses can be obtained. High street stores are usually the most expensive option. Online shops, on the other hand, are free from many of the costs associated with regular shops and therefore can offer a better range of products at even more attractive prices. Here at Optyk Rozmus we strive to offer as many products as we can at very competitive prices. This means that despite our prices being some of the lowest in the world, we have the best quality available, which often is not the case with online discount retailers. Optyk Rozmus offers only high-quality products from the most recognizable and reliable manufacturers from around the world.

Your health is important to us

Before you choose any product from our contact lenses online store, make sure you know exactly which lens parameters are best for you. It is always recommended that you see an eye care specialist before using contact lenses for the first time as they are the best qualified to suggest what lens size and type would suit your eye and your lifestyle. Wearing an incorrectly fitted pair of lenses can cause eye irritation, infections or even injury, that’s why professional advice should be sought first. Make sure you know your prescription before deciding on which pair of contacts to buy and remember that a contact lens prescription will not be the same as one for spectacles.

With Optyk Rozmus you’ll find that wearing contact lenses can be:

  • safe and healthy
  • easy and convenient
  • exciting and fun
  • cheap and easily affordable

Have a look in our online shop and choose the best pair for you!